Northug™ — instinct of champion

Northug™ — instinct of champion

29.01.2020 Выкл. Автор ER
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Petter Northug is known for being an audacious powerhouse with enormous speed on the track. He is an Olympic gold medalist and world champion and is driven by a burning competitive instinct. 

After his cross-country career it was obvious for Petter to find a new arena to compete in. A new arena to master and again to fight at the top amongst the elite. Petter’s ruthless winner’s instinct is reflected in the sports products from Northug™. 

The combination of optimal fit, correct design, robust quality and technological innovation ensure maximum performance and sets you on the right track to focus totally on your goal. 

With Northug™, Petter wants to inspire practitioners of every sport to find their inner best, to surpass all their expectations and become an even rawer version of themselves.